I Love You

burns the fire

I threw a football at a guy I had just met, at a freestyle picnic in a sun-swept field. I was savage, that ball freaking soared, and he ran after it backwards, laughing, shouting, arms burst open – joyous, fearless, free – he jumped! Caught the ball, my imagination, my heart, soul, body, me.

We got it!


My first love was lesbian. She had the sweetest, softest skin and shining eyes that beamed into mine, shimmering peace. She let me hug her, squeeze her, kiss kiss kiss and brought me to my knees. She was a great listener. I begged her to marry me even though I was a kid. It was true love, it was deep.

I will always love you. I will always love you.

Raisin got her Phd in Mathematics at Princeton when I turned 9. She danced for joy in the street, had her kidneys crushed by a car and…

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I Love You

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